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Answered questions about the Badger Exam

posted Feb 23, 2015, 11:13 AM by Andy Hayes   [ updated Feb 23, 2015, 11:23 AM ]

From Greg Schaffer

I am passing along answers to some common question answered by Mike Leach form Cesa 1.

I have answered what I can in BOLD next to each question... to the BEST of my ability in "air quotes" :)


Would students be allowed to use graphic organizers (paper and pencil) to organize their thoughts prior to doing the writing for the ELA Performance Task, or the other questions?

  • Graphic organizers can be student created, not issued by a teacher. In other words, if they build the organizer themselves, they can use it.


Would there be the same restrictions as using graph paper or scrap paper - collect and securely destroy after the writing is finished, or would it not allowed at all? 

  • Collect all papers and destroy following the test.

Prior to our meeting yesterday, my understanding was that you could not leave a question unanswered. Is it really possible to leave a question unanswered but flagged for review? 

  • You can leave it unanswered and flagged for review, but before submitting final answers, test will indicate the missing response so that it can be answered.

 Will you be able to go on in the test with an unanswered/flagged question, or only until the end of that page? 

  • My understanding is that you can work through an entire test and have it flagged for later review. Not just until the end of the page. 

 If you pause the test, or leave it for more than 20 minutes, will you be able to go back to those unanswered/flagged questions? 

  • If you PAUSE the test (not time out of it accidentally) you can still work on the flagged questions. 

Will the test let you submit at the end without answering those questions? 

  • Test SHOULD not let you submit until all questions are answered. The practice exam allows you to end without answering though... keep that in mind as it is a practice test issue.

Do we know how many questions there will be in the CAT portion of the test? 

(What is it being called now, BTW, since it is no longer computer adaptive?)

  • It is called Fixed Form but referenced by all as CAT... I know, tricky... :) 

Did you find the answer to the question - since it is no longer computer adaptive, are all the assessments the same? 

  • Assessments will be varied as there are several iterations or versions so as to not allow for neighbor peaks. 

Are the questions in a different order for each student? Do they draw from a bank, so they may have different questions? 

  • The questions are drawn from a bank of GRADE LEVELED questions, not adjusted up or down based on responses.