Chrome Web Store
Chrome Webstore

What are web apps?
  • With apps for Google Chrome, you can do things like create documents, edit photos, and listen to music. They’re like desktop software programs you install on your computer. The main difference is that you use apps directly within your browser. If you use Gmail, Google Maps, or sites like Pandora, you're already using apps.

What are extensions
  • An extension, on the other hand, affects something global on your browser. For instance, an extension may add the ability to save items to your wish list. When you install the extension, that feature is available on every single site you visit, not just on Extensions use downloaded components to modify your browser.

 Apps Extensions
  • Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • We Video
  • Short URL -Shortens the  web address of any page you are on.
  • Adblock Pro - Blocks any ads on the web page your are viewing.

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