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60  Awesome Extensions
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Our Favorite Apps and Extensions
 Draft Back (Extension) Plays your revisions in a Google Doc.
 Tab Scissors (Extension) Splits apart two tabs in a window so you can work simultaneously.
 Tab Glue (Extension) Puts the two split tabs back together.
 Google Keep (Extension) Note taking, set up to do lists, insert image notes.
 Text to Speech (Extension) Listen to PDF's, Ebooks, and web pages
 Annoucify (Extension) Read website for you.
 Awesome Screen Shot: Capture & Annotate (Extension) Allows you to capture web page in a screenshot and annotate.
 instaGrok (Extension) Graphic organizing search return.
 Timer Tab App More than just a timer. Assists in student transitions between activities.
 Pastey (Extension) An unlimited clipboard. Allows you to copy, copy, copy, then paste, paste, past.
 Google Dictionary (Extension) Double click any word in your browser to get a definition and some pronunciations.
 TLDR (Extension) Takes an article, summarizes it at different levels from basic to advanced.
 Pinterest (Extension) Allows you pin any article or image to your own Pinterest board.
 Wolfram Alpha (Website A computational search engine for computing answers and providing knowledge. Free website, with a paid version that gets you more options.
 Send Link by Email or Gmail (Extension) Opens an email window and sends the URL of the page you are on.
 Share to Classroom (Extension) Connects to all your Google Classes and allows you to create post and assignments from web pages you are viewing.
 Pushbullet Add the extension and and app on your phone and instantly open web pages, links, etc on your device.